Our Approach

We make sure each client receives support unique to their organisation.

keys to successful leadership development

Our consultants work on-site with you to make the agreed changes to increase your net profit margins. For example,  improving daily sales performance (not spending more on advertising) and reducing the cost of developing each product or service.

Most importantly, we build the dynamic and innovative architecture and improve employee commitment and capabilities to increase quarterly profit margin.

We work closely with our clients with regular onsite visits, providing computer-based task monitoring and virtual working conferences at no cost.

“Because of Edgeview we didn’t fall for the trap of just seeking revenue. We developed strategies to build a solid, scalable, profitable platform. Most importantly, we developed and implemented policies and procedures that ensured we measurably improved customer service with stringent productivity”

successful leadership development

We take responsibility for the execution of the agreed change plans.

Businesses that work with us, regardless of profession or industry, expect us to improve their profits by enhancing and improving their margins.

The evidence that we have delivered on those expectations is very visible. If our client’s sales, profits, and margins don’t increase, we have not been successful.

Using the power of our Discovery Workshop, our approach is to quickly and effectively determine the necessary improvements to deliver our ‘best margin’ mantra for our clients.

We take the time to explain our new ideas and options. And agree on proposed changes for applicable teams, practice groups, divisions, or organisation. We explain clearly why each change is required. And how it will be made and how long it will take to receive the expected benefits.

Often, it’s agreed there will be a new focus and approach on five key areas: – corporate culture, strategy, execution, performance management and sales performance.

All change is supported with formal Change Management principles and executive coaching to ensure execution and minimal employee disruption.

We need to know the story behind the financials. One of the key aspects of our approach is conducting extensive interviews across the whole organisation. We acquire a deep understanding of our client’s day to day operations.

We discover and confirm what got the business to where it is now, and the true impact of existing long-term issues are having on the business. It’s from this informed position we collaborate to suggest, negotiate and agree the best options to effect the necessary changes to achieve the desired end state and to achieve new opportunities.

Most importantly, we execute the changes onsite with our clients as they continue to grow their client base and profit.

We regularly follow up on our work, visiting our client’s premises each week to ensure there is lasting change and employees have acquired, and are effectively utilising the new skills.

Most importantly, we test and measure to ensure employees use the new skills to continue to develop and improve the ways of working.

  • We know change must be accepted – we help shift the thought process through executive coaching techniques – making sure the need for change is understood and wholeheartedly supported.
  • Great success comes from taking a long-term approach and taking a hands-on approach in our efforts with your organisation to dramatically improve culture, increase sales, reduce costs, boost profitability, improve productivity, and strategically innovate.
  • We bring new questions, experiences, insights, training, and enthusiasm to effect change and improvement. We agree on a new approach and how we make the planned improvements and deliver the changes as agreed – driving the business to grow its profits massively.

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price