Clean Execution

Opportunities will be captured or missed.

Businesses too often miss new profitable opportunities because their well thought out plans and goals never see the light of day.

Too often organisations fail to execute their plans, because of the legitimate pressures on the management’s time to meet the important daily demands of their clients and employees.

Also, management cannot delegate important tasks, because they cannot be sure the work will be completed effectively, or on time. Because, like most organisations there are few idol, well trained employees who are experienced in the intricacies of delivering effective, timely change. Also, they are never as passionate about change as those who have the bigger picture.

“Perceptive, smart and always up to date with my strategic portfolio. With Edgeview we get the correct answers, not the answers we hoped to hear”
It is for that very reason we developed our unique ‘Clean Execution’ process. Our goal is to ensure all of your plans are executed on time and as expected. And, all of the necessary steps and changes required to grow your margins, increase productivity, increase sales, and deliver prosperity are implemented efficiently.

Companies fail for many reasons, the most common being the failure to simply keep on track with the aspirations of their strategy.

No matter how legitimate the reason, a failure to execute agreed actions, to fulfil profitable, innovative plans is the greatest impediment to an organisation’s success and sustainability.

Edgeview has developed a unique method to ensure our clients execute their aspirations for their organisation.

We use this method to assist clients to complete a new strategy, revive an old strategy or roll out a new marketing plan, or refresh the efforts and processes of the sales team to grow their sales pipeline.

Edgeview’s Clean Execution model, enhances your organisation’s existing ability to achieve strategic leadership with an agreed method to:

  • Log all deliverables into our execution management software;
  • Share a central dashboard that displays each agreed employee deliverable;
  • Plan quickly and effectively by tapping into the power of diversity of knowledge;
  • Ensure teams produce detailed plans based on individual accountability and teamwork;
  • Align and position teams to deliver initiatives via new communication techniques;
  • Create a culture of execution urgency, driving individual accountability;
  • Facilitate team learning to identify and eliminate waste, coupled with continuous improvement;
  • Expand on, or create a culture of learning, critical to embracing change; and
  • Develop a culture that supports personal accountability and is results focused;

The Clean Execution model is, therefore, applicable when:

  • Developing or refreshing strategy;
  • Developing marketing plans;
  • Delivering on the strategy & marketing plan every day;
  • Rolling out agreed new strategic tactics to deliver on business goals;
  • Delivering processes to hold sales teams accountable for a full pipeline of quality leads;
  • Delivering business initiatives to expand and improve client services;
  • Re-engineering your business to create capacity for growth;

We work onsite with our clients to deliver cost-effective, strategy execution and continuous improvement that sticks and endures.

Clean Execution is a simple, scalable, continuous improvement process that links into our Lean Six Sigma initiatives.

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price