Third Generation Outsourcing

Get started faster and safer to participate in enhanced productivity and service excellence

We all know time is money, and we all need more time. Using our unique approach to outsourcing simple and complex work, we free up more time for our client’s teams to increase the production of either products or services.

Third Generation Outsourcing brings numerous advantages to your business by:

  • Increasing employee morale because employees focus on higher value work;
  • Lowering daily production costs;
  • Exploiting peak demand cycles without incurring permanent overheads; and
  • Reducing your need for new infrastructure and technology.

    Your organisation will dramatically improve margins, increase profits, create better value for your clients and retain your best employees.

    We come onsite and take care of the whole process for you, including finding and training the right outsourcing providers for your business.

    We adapt your existing processes to facilitate increased volume. We provide written procedures and governance steps to ensure continuity and control.

    We’ll also ensure your business and communication systems are set up to ensure employees embrace the concepts of Third Generation Outsourcing and understand the benefits.

    Edgeview’s Third Generation Outsourcing is not the clichéd activity of farming out low-skilled work to cheap producers.

    “I support my growth with the support of Edgeview consulting. I am a ‘Bluebook’ client – I have 24/7 access to experienced advice, modern management techniques and productivity tools”

    Third Generation Outsourcing aims to develop a unique, high-value production process for services and products. We use innovation to increase capacity, with the simple goal of selling more products and services each day without the corresponding standard increase in fixed costs.

    The exclusive steps of Third Generation Outsourcing will create more production capacity for your best employees, so they can increase margins and improve profits!

    You can quickly expand the capabilities of your best employees without increasing their hours or reducing the quality of their work.

    Because complex work is produced more effectively, you can compete for and increase the number of complex mandates you work on – without the need for the standard increase in costs.

    We work onsite to provide the necessary instruction and training to develop a process that suits your specific business.

    The ability to do more faster is very profitable. These new processes won’t require the standard increase in your fixed overheads; you earn larger than average profits.

    You can increase the number of clients and transactions without the normal corresponding costs or delays when expanding expensive infrastructure. Together we create scale in your business.

    We engage with your sales teams to provide a broader marketing approach to take advantage of your organisation’s new capabilities.

    You can now seek the new high volume, lower margin work from your existing or new clients. Work types once seen as unattractive because of thin margins can now be profitable for you.

    We leverage the benefits from the new productivity to allow your business to compete on margin and no longer on price in existing and new markets.

    Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

    Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price