Edgeview’s Discovery Workshop

The first step to identify what must change for your organisation to compete on margin, not price.

The Discovery Workshop is the first and most important step to understand what is needed to maximise team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your organisation.

Through hands-on questioning, analysis, and dynamic discussions, you’ll learn the current position and effectiveness of the organisation’s performance not identifiable in the numbers.

We use the results to plan a targeted change initiative to capitalise on new opportunities for growth.

“Edgeview has a distinctive, highly methodical approach to strategic decision-making working closely with our management to tailor it to the business situation and culture”

The number of days required for the Discovery Workshop will depend upon the number of locations, employees, managers, and clients to be interviewed as well as locations to be visited.

Discover Workshop Overview

The Discovery Workshop is only for organisations with twenty or more employees. Discovery Workshop Participants will gain independent, fact-based valuable knowledge and understanding of their business. At the end of the Discovery Workshop the organisation will receive a detailed written report that will provide insight, and an assessment on:

  • How the current corporate culture supports or hinders the organisations performance;
  • The organisation’s ability to execute on agreed projects and growth initiatives;
  • How the current culture is affecting employee morale and engagement;
  • The organisation’s leadership’s ability to improve employee engagement;
  • The ability to change and execute on past change initiatives;
  • The organisation’s knowledge, relevance, and effectiveness of the strategic plan;
  • How receptive the organisation is to change;
  • The organisation’s acceptance and use of outsourcing or the rejection of outsourcing;
  • What must change in the production process for the organisation to achieve planned growth; and
  • The sales team, their methods and ability to increase revenue when the new growth plan is commenced.

The Discovery Workshop actively involves senior executives, supervisors, fee earners, employees, clients, and suppliers, to ensure we gain a solid working understanding of the principles and practices of the organization as it performs day to day.

The Discovery Workshop is delivered by an experienced senior Partner – experienced in leadership and interpreting performance metrics of businesses and professional services firms.

Immediate Benefits

The Discovery Workshop always helps leaders understand what must change in their business, or what should stay the same. We use factual results to critique the existing strategic plan, and with our unique ‘Strategy Development’ software prepare a new three-year strategic plan if necessary.

Discovery Workshop Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognise the essential areas of performance that must be enhanced;
  • Select the right productivity tools to address performance issues and set up the organisation for future growth;
  • Avoid basic errors made by executives and employees that effect the success of change initiatives;
  • Analyse and convey the importance and characteristics of thorough due diligence of the organisation’s internal and external operations and processes e.g. sales performance
  • Introduce and execute new operating practices with increased confidence;
  • Identify how to systematically increase margins and move away from price leadership as a sales strategy; and
  • Relaunch the sales process, apply new performance metrics and productivity to all sales activities.

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price