Create A High-Performance Culture

As you know – the main driver that determines how well you make your products and services, win new clients, deliver exceptional client experience, and the levels of productivity that impact your profit margins are all determined by your organisational culture.

corporate culture strategies

We all know organisational culture and motivation are crucial variables in every organisation. Crucial because these variables directly influence employee performance, e.g. the personal desire to go the extra mile, be accountable for an agreed result, and provide exceptional client service – or not.

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organizational and corporate culture strategies

Therefore, the whole organisation’s effectiveness, performance and sustenance – is influenced by its culture.

We agree that organisational culture is the organisation’s orientation towards its employees and customers and includes written and verbal circulated rules that guide each employees’ behaviour, values and principles developed and shared within the organisation.

Culture is Critically Crucial

Organisational culture influences behaviour, decision-making, organisational strategies, individual motivation and corporate performance.

The extent employees learn and embrace organisational culture varies and is determined, partly, by the organisation’s culture being either weak or strong.

Because of its strong influence on organisational success, leaders must develop the ability to define and then shape the “best” culture across the organisation, based on the creative mindsets of accountability, partnership, and targeted behaviours.

Culture Strengthened

Edgeview is experienced in enhancing and shaping corporate culture.

We work with leadership teams to undertake a multifaceted culture-transformation – that centres on the best elements of current capabilities & behaviours as well as the desired new capabilities and behaviours.

This includes the following steps:

  • Working with the leadership team to have all employees adopt new behaviours and capabilities after researching and benchmarking capabilities and behaviours displayed by organisations seen as role models;
  • Arranging regular sessions with the leadership team to role model the new mindsets and behaviours;
  • Nurturing understanding and conviction in a highly interactive way, and being inspired by the energy and ideas of frontline teams;
  •  Implement reinforcement and reward mechanisms in the organisation
  • Building new mindsets and capabilities across the organisation, including among those who do not formally manage people, and weaving learning into daily activities to become true learning organisations; 
Develop Your Leaders The leadership team must be willing to enhance their capabilities significantly to leverage the benefits of an enhanced culture across the organisation. Because, eventually, a full culture transformation must encompass building the new mindsets and capabilities across the whole organisation. Doing so in an agile way enables the organisation to move faster, drive innovation, and both adapt to and shape its changing organisational culture. To do this successfully, we help with these essential elements:
  • Build a team of managers who coach, to help employees navigate the new way of doing things, supported by a leadership-transformation team.
  • Get the leadership team engaged in developing its capabilities.
  • Create an immersive leadership experience to introduce the new mindsets and capabilities and roll it out to all leaders.
  • Roll out the leadership capability building at an agile tempo, with quarterly pauses to review the leadership experiences, experiments, and culture shifts over the past 90 days, and then finalise plans and priorities for the next 90 days.
More than any other factor, the key enabler to a successful organisational culture transformation is the power of the leadership team, role modelling the new mindsets and capabilities.

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price