Increase Sales Performance

For companies focused on growth, one of the most significant opportunities is increasing sales performance and productivity.

The heavy investment in marketing is too often wasted because of an outdated sales process, or salespeople who don’t follow the expected process.

If the ROI from the investment in marketing is abysmal, it’s more than likely the sales process is broken. One of the most significant issues is when employees capitulate on price because that is the easiest option for them to make a sale.

However, running a company’s sales platform at peak performance also requires constant nurturing and oversight. Moreover, no selling organisation can afford the luxury of downtime for an extended overhaul.

“On a personal note the biggest influence Mark has had on our business is to push me, the business owner, to think big, to think outside the square and then push me even further and give me the confidence to believe that anything is achievable (and it is).”

More Than a Marketing Plan

We handle this dilemma by focusing first on critical customer segments and introducing radical improvements to sales and channel management processes where it matters most.

It takes the right value proposition, resources, and support systems, aligned consistently with the organisation’s strategic goals, for reaching key customer segments.

It also requires incentives with metrics to guide the salesforce to stop wasting money on marketing and behave like owners and deliver growth.

Edgeview helps you achieve profitable growth by adopting an approach that puts customers first, targets customer experience and internal capabilities ensuring you deliver optimal customer interactions at every touchpoint.

Most importantly, we install a framework for our clients to ensure their non-client facing teams are engaged, accountable and focused on client experience.

We help you:

  • Understand your customers’ needs and behaviours by developing superior segmentation capabilities, amplified by advanced analytics and testing that gets results.
  • Break down barriers to innovation and improve ongoing customer-led product development to enhance your offerings and meet an expanding customer expectation.
  • Resolve the pricing puzzle—pricing is the top profit lever, build pricing capabilities that help you set and get the right price, every time.
  • Identify quick, targeted customised solutions and strategic, operational improvements that can boost underperforming sales teams.
  • Align your marketing and brand strategy with your overarching business objectives to build a customer-focused brand strategy.
  • Provide a great customer experience that disrupts your market and earns client sponsorship through the consistent delivery of positive exchanges.
  • Nurture loyalty, from customers who are more profitable and advocate for your business in good times and bad.

Compensation and Incentives: Align Individual Success With Growth

Compensation affects the ability to recruit and retain top talent. We design compensation plans to achieve growth targets.

The key is linking compensation and incentives with increased sales and strategic goals such as penetrating new markets, winning new customers and cross-selling successfully.

When employee incentives recognise and reward excellence, it often triggers crucial new questions:

  • Should a salesperson be paid this year for the same amount of new business as last?
  • Must the salesperson increase business even more to get the same incentive?
  • Do you provide additional compensation or incentives for innovation as well as exceeding sales targets?

From experience, we know remuneration structures that reward success – positively affect morale, enhance the ability to attract top talent, retain top talent, and a continuously improving high-performance sales culture.

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price