Compete on Margin – Not Price?

We believe there is no other way for a business to dominate its market

The concept to compete on margin – not price sounds simple, but it’s powerful because the concept is easy to understand and can be easily measured. More importantly it’s very profitable for any business that can achieve it. Better yet, organisations that have a culture of continuous improvement can grow profits year after year with better productivity as they continue to lower improve their margins.

“On a personal note the biggest influence Mark has had on our business is to push me, the business owner, to think big, to think outside the square and then push me even further and give me the confidence to believe that anything is achievable (and it is).”

We make sure our clients achieve and maintain margin dominance when we set them up to continuously improve their productivity that flows from an enhanced and focused corporate culture, strategy, execution, change management and enhanced sales performance.

The businesses we support, regardless of their size, profession or industry expect us to improve their profits by 50% or more by enhancing and improving their sales pipeline, productivity and margins.

Our approach is to quickly and effectively determine the necessary changes across the organisation, explain why each change is required, how the changes will be made and how long it will take to make those changes. We also provide measures and methods to ensure all employees are achieved their strategic and budget goals.

With better margins derived from improvements in productivity (not just cost cutting), profits will improve. There are better, more sustainable ways to grow market share than by simply lowering prices, or spending unstainable amounts of funds on marketing such as Facebook and AdWords.

We agree a multifaceted approach to bring more qualified leads into your pipeline, as well as training employees to ensure you close more leads each month. With better margins, you will use the additional profits from each sale to improve your marketing efforts. Now you can recruit the best talent by offering then better remuneration and training than your competitors.

With better talent working for you, and through the acquisition of better technology and equipment you can further improve your productivity, fund the expansion of your marketing budget – therefore hitting the sweet spot of bigger sales numbers and bigger margin for each sale.

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price

Learn How To Attack Your Business Challenges & Compete On Margin – Not On Price