We develop and deliver for our clients a culture of continuous improvement in the effectiveness of their sales investments to attract new clients, and leverage relationships with existing clients to drive their sales growth.

Our prime benefit is to work onsite, facilitating working sessions with front-line sales teams and supervisors, motivating and coaching, addressing and solving key operational challenges.

Our experience shows, that to dramatically improve the sales process, it’s imperative to lead a change transformation of the whole sales process. Our passion for supporting our clients to construct a strong, productivity focused sales process is borne out of the success of our overall productivity enhancement work.

We use our strong understanding of current marketing and sales trends, their impact on business strategies, and the measurable benefits in creating and sustaining a robust sales team to methodically and consistently increase sales performance.

One element of our work flow is to map and grade the organisation’s exposure in each of the relevant segments: – Client Loyalty and Client Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, E-consumer, E-marketing, Brand Management, Product Management, Sales and Channel Management (Outbound Sales), Marketing ROI and Branding.

To maximise sales performance, we use the newly acquired data of the current marketing and sales methods and ROI, to commence the sales force operational improvements and transformation. We hold meetings with relevant teams to cross check results from the Discovery Workshop.

Specifically, we provide the scope of proposed change, agree it with you and then manage the approved change initiatives and implement new tactics by tracking metrics, and handling complex analyses, whilst also preparing communications to report back to the leadership.

We work closely with supervisors and employees, providing them with complete support to ensure teams are able to deliver, and sustain the full benefits of recommended new practices and agreed process changes.

To make sure change sticks, we set relevant targets to meet and subsequently exceed, and collaborate to update, and/or provide written process procedures, guidelines and manuals to provide a permanent measurable framework.